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LaraEdit, What Is It?

LaraEdit is a Laravel application that will provide many useful tools for Laravel developers. It will allow them to manage their projects, code, environments, deployments, teams, and much more…

History of LaraEdit

LaraEdit started off as a Laravel package that could be added to any Laravel project and provided routes to a code editor and terminal emulator:

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I built this package because I was forced to use a low-powered computer running Windows at the time. Thus, installing a new Laravel app with the LaraEdit package on a server made things much easier… until I got my computer back!

Adding the type of features that I wanted to this package started to seem a little more than dangerous. A live working terminal on your production server? What was I thinking?!?

So I decided to rebuild LaraEdit as an application that could sit on its own server and use SSH to manage everything remotely.

Now here we are present day, and I have built several tools for Laravel development… Instead of trying to maintain all of these tools separately, I have decided to merge them all into a single application!

What’s Next?

I am going to document the process as I build the new application. Since there are tutorials all over the internet for Laravel development and Jeffrey Way is pimping out knowledge over at, I’m only going to cover the more in-depth topics. Don’t worry though, I will provide links to any useful references along the way!


I will return shortly with the next post in this series and you can count on it containing some code! I’m thinking about covering a user impersonation system, what do you think? 🙂

In the meantime, if you have any questions or requests… you know what to do!



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