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web development

CompanyMate: Deploying a Virtual Development Server Environment

How to Deploy a Virtual Web Application Development Server Environment In order to develop a proper application, you need a proper development environment. I could just use a software package such as WAMP, MAMP, XAMPP, etc… But instead, I figured I would do this the right way, maintain 100% control,…

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Web Development

CompanyMate: A $10,000 Web Application Challenge

About My $10,000 Web Application Challenge After years of web development, building random apps and web pages, I have finally decided to settle down and focus on a single web application. This web application challenge is me challenging myself to start my own successful business. This is not me challenging…

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How To Run PowerShell Scripts as Admin

If you’ve ever needed to run a PowerShell script, chances are, you’ve run in to some annoying problems. One of the more common problems is the need to run a .ps1 file as an admin. You have to run PowerShell as an admin, then either copy and paste your script…

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Google Trends

Google Trends Has a New Feature

Google Trends Has a New Feature So what feature have they added to Google Trends that sparked this announcement? You now have the ability to embed the latest trends into an HTML page (see above). This has given me the idea to build a WordPress Plugin that allows bloggers access…

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Find a Job

iBourgeois.com Update: I Added a Job Board

iBourgeois.com Update: I Added a Job Board After my last post, I thought for a few minutes about how I could continue to link people up with potential employers without spending a great deal of time. That was just a couple of hours ago. Now, iBourgeois.com has it’s very own…

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Can I Find a Job on LinkedIn?

Can I Find a Job on LinkedIn? The internet is littered with sites that serve to open doors to job opportunities. And in my opinion, LinkedIn is one of the best options available, if you use it right. At the time of writing this article, my LinkedIn profile has 2,676…

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iBourgeois.com Update

After adding several long posts, I noticed that the home page was extremely overwhelming. I have resolved this issue by only showing an excerpt from each post and adding a “Read More” button that takes you to the full article. This modification will minimize the amount of scrolling needed to…

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Am I a Hacker?

Am I a Hacker? Okay, I give up. The one question that I get asked more than any other, is the same question I have avoided answering my entire career. That question is, “are you a hacker?”. The short answer to that question is, no. I am not a hacker….

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RedBean ORM

What is an ORM (Object Relational Mapper)

What is an ORM (Object Relational Mapper)? To understand what an ORM is, you need to understand both sides of what it is meant to connect. You have the object-oriented code side and you have the database. The two sides are incompatible when it comes to passing data back and…

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Why I Don’t Use a Framework

Why I Don’t Use a Framework As a web developer, I am completely aware of how useful a framework can be when it comes to building an application. I have used several frameworks, and each of them have their benefits; but they all have some serious flaws too. When it…

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